The Nikon P500 Coolpix

The Nikon P500 is a device that enables a user as thin lines, but is it really worth the price? The Nikon P500 is a 12 megapixel camera equipped with a CMOS sensor advanced, ISO range from 160 to 3200, and has a native resolution of 4000P 3000P x equal. Its display is 921K, 3.0 LCD display with functions of articulation. It comes with 102MB of internal memory, can store files and has a connection make.MOV high-speed USB. This camera also comes with an HDMI port for connecting peripheral devices, and comes with Nikon View NX 2 CD-ROM. Of course the latter features are just scratching the surface of what this camera can do.

Nikon Coolpix P500 should be red or black camera body. The camera has a tripod, rechargeable battery, user manual and the camera body. It weighs 494 grams and measuring 116 mm x 84 mm x 103 mm. Within a CMOS camera 0.3 ½. From the outside, the camera sports 36Z zoom lens 23 mm focal length is 810 mm. The camera is built in SDHC card slot, SDXC, and SD memory cards.

This camera has four different aspect ratios, which can capture still images in 11 different resolutions, and has a burst mode that captures images every 8 seconds. Nikon Coolpix P500 15-30, 120-30, 60-30 and 240 of the frame rate of film, and it can record sound for movies as well. This camera comes with an autofocus assist light, autofocus has an optical viewfinder and an LCD screen measuring three centimeters wide. He has seven white balance options, four methods, the shutter and aperture priority and full manual exposure. This camera has four different settings of the timer, built-in flash, six flash modes, and multiple connectivity options.

Nikon P500 is a device compatible with a variety of operating systems. This device works with Windows XP ®, Windows ® 7, Windows Vista ® and Macintosh ® 10.4.11 or higher. It has an NTSC and PAL video mode, a powerful lithium-ion battery and this camera offers intuitive operation. You can create panoramic images with this camera and gives up nineteen scene modes for photography automatic. In camera editing functions make this unit more flexible. With a single battery charge, you can take up to 200 images. This unit works great regardless of the subject, lighting and angle.

The Nikon P500 is too expensive considering all it offers. This camera is ideal for capturing action movie clips, or to capture those special moments. This device is ideal for macro close-ups, easy video capture panoramic or explosion. His highest goal, a fast processor and a sleek design make this camera is ideal for amateur or hobbyist photographer. An assessment of all functions of this device clearly marks a camera worthy of its small initial investment.

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